March 04, 2024 5:53 PM
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Recog. by: ERC-NCTE, Govt. of India Affiliated to: WB Board of Primary Education Govt of WB
Primary Education in our country, as you know well, is very much neglected. The aim of compulsory Primary Education advocated by Mahatma Gandhi for age group between 6 & 14 cannot be achieved until now. Is has far lagged behind. Not more than 60% of the children could be brought to school even 50% of the attending children drop out before they complete their education in the primary level. There are many social and economic factors that stand in the way of compulsory primary education in the country. Establishment of Teachers’ Training Collage to produce a good number of trained teachers and setting up primary school in village are stepping stones to promote compulsory education. The aim of such a training collage is to make a band of primary teachers with the professional trademark of training, to enable them to sway with the modern trends of primary education to realize its nature, aims and importance, its impacts on society, its problems and to help them to develop their thoughts in these respects. It objective is also to make a teacher-trainee conscious of his responsibilities to impart, to promote and expand primary education, to help him know his role as a person and citizen, to know his professional preparations and apply them in behavior and practice for attaining competency in solving the problems of primary education by eradicating the odds that stand in the way. The dream of a training collage at Simulgachi is fulfilled. This Institute, let me hope, will flourish in the years to come and under its fostering care generations of good and competent teachers will come out to take different activities in the implementation and expansion of primary education.
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